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Anglican Chidren Ministry

MOTTO: Catch Them Young For Christ.

i. The upbringing of children and young people in the fear of the Lord.
il, Guiding children and young people To learn To study and pray daily.
iii. Instructing children and young people in The Anglican faith.
iv. Helping children and young people in The Anglican faith to become
disciplined and growing Christians
v. ln several other acceptable ways To help Them To deepen Their spiritual lives
Through worship.

ACM Pledge
Every child or young person in The Organization pledges
i) To read The Bible dolly
(ii) To pray daily
(iii) To attend Church services regularly
(iv) To bear witness for Christ
(v) To set good examples
(vi) To receive Holy Communion regularly (once confirmed)
(vii) To study and be of good service To the family, Church and The nation

ACM: The Anglican Children Ministry for
ACM: The Anglican Children Ministry Tor
Working among The children both at home and in The Church,
training them to be like Christ.
Our Motto : Catch them young for Jesus Christ, The lover of their souls
Our Vision: Win the souls of Anglican Children all Tor The Lord.
Our Goal: Establish them back in The Anglican Church, wherever it is found
working in His word ‘Love’ and prayer.
Sunday – Children’s service in the morning and Sunday school classes in The
Monday – Bible Stories
Tuesday – Joint Fellowship
Wednesday – Praying
Thursday – Singing / Praises
Friday – Bible Study
Saturday – Bible Quiz / Sports
ACM Activities in Branches or Centres are not exactly same in all the urban and
rural areas. In some rural areas, some of the activities are dropped where the
ACM does not meet every day.
The ACM activities cover the following:
i. Children’s Sunday worship
ii. Children’s Sunday SchooI
iii. ChiIdren’s retreat, Camp, etc
iv. Children’s Outreach ministry
(ACM Branches or Centres)

The achievements of the organization since inception include the following:
(i) Establishment of ACM centres in all The villages in The Diocese.
(ii) Establishment of ACM Teachers’ Training School [ACM - TIS] for training of
children teachers.
(iii) Procurement of evangelism equipment including film projector.
[iv] Construction of a big stall for office and sale of goods
(v) Production of training manuals and Bible lesson outlines for the teachers of

a. Winning the souls of Anglican Children for Christ in this period of moral
Q. Preventing Anglican children from partaking in idolatrous or worldly activities like
masquerades, indecent dressing, examination mal-practices, cultism and
c. Acquiring modem equipment for children evangelism
a. Production of teaching materials Tor children evangelism and training materials
for children workers.

- Pioneer Diocesan Chaplain – Revd Canon Patrick Nweke – [I 996 - 2002] - Other Diocesan Chaplains are :
i. Ven. Nnamdi Amutgwe – [2003 - 2008] ii. Revd Canon Temple Madunagu — [2009 to date]

- Pioneer Diocesan President – Evang. Samuel Akoso – [I 997 - 2005] - Next President – Evang. Innocent Ozodimbu – [2006 - 201I] - Pioneer Diocesan Secretary — Evang. Innocent Ozodimbu – [I 997 - I999] - Other Diocesan Secretaries:
(i) Miss ifeoma egbasimba – [2000 - 2002] (ii) Bro. Okechukwu Udegbunam – [2003 - 2008] (iii) Miss Ifeoma Ewuzie – [2009 - 20I I]

Major annual programmes include:
(i) Diocesan Prayer Conference
(ii) Diocesan All Children’s Camp
(iii) Diocesan BibIe Quiz competition
(iv) Diocesan Sports competition
(v) Annual Leadership workshop
(vi] Afiolu Retreat at Archdeaconry Level
(vii) Archdeaconry end-of-year Camp.

(i) Children‘s Bible Study outline Series 1 (2002)
(ii) ACM Patrons/ Patronesses Definition/ Duties – [2003] (iii) Usoro Ndu onye A.C.M. -2004)
(iv) The Milk for the lamb – (2011)

(i) Training and Commissioning at least Five Hundred (500) children teachers
bv the year 2014
(iil) Procurement at a big Evangelism But before 2014
(iii) Procurement of modern Children Evangelism equipment by the year 2015.
(iv) Opening mare ACM centres in Urban and rural areas to increase the
number af ACM Centres in the diocese to three hundred by 2013.

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